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I welcome you to my homepage. Who i am and what i do...?

I am a service provider for activities in the field of engineering & information technology. I offer you reliable and cost-optimized support for your development project.

My development specific roots are in vacuum, measurement and analysis technology, with special expertise in the field of mass spectrometry. This specific know-how can be transferred to many areas of engineering and I am constantly striving to expand my knowledge. 

I am also happy to provide my expertise in information technology to you and your projects. Why not benefit from the rapid development progress in this area? New technologies enable the practical implementation of previously unthinkable ideas. Whether hardware for PC/Server systems, operating software, individual software solutions, web services or the implementation of an online business solutions. My expertise in information technology will drive you forward.

From advice and support in long-term projects, to offering temporary technical support, there is no task too big or small! I can accompany you on complete projects or simply assist you and your team with the knowledge you need for your project. I pride myselve on my ability to support you quickly, reliably, flexibly and easily with existing knowledge and new ideas and to assist you with the implementation.

My passion for development work and information technology is what moves you forward. So why not contact me and enjoy the benefits of my knowledge. 

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Should you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me and I will be more than happy to support you in formulating your requirements and/or simply answer your questions.

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Mass spectrometry
My expertise in mass spectrometry