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About me

I´ll introduce myself!

I enjoy my work. EXACTLY THAT´s why I do what I do!

NICO SOLUTIONS - ENGINEERING & IT was founded by me in 2021. In the previous years I worked for various companies in the field of mass spectrometry, from industry and the research and development sector. In addition, I was always tasked with looking for, creating and implementing IT solutions. As it was shown there, it is in many cases more attractive for companies to use a freelancer than to employ a full-time employee. In addition, freelancers can devote themselves to work that they love and can do independently! This also has a very positive effect on the results to be achieved.

I work with full dedication from project to project. But NICO SOLUTIONS - ENGINEERING & IT doesn't just consist of me. I am networked with numerous freelance self-employed people from the Engineering & IT sectors in order to offer our customers more than we could do on our own. This gives us more time to concentrate on our customers and also to include the expertise of each individual in our projects. As a freelancer, the ability to work reliably is an absolute must-have, because my/our long-term success also depends on these factors. I always strive not only to meet the expectations of my clients, but to exceed them and to satisfy my clients with commitment and effectiveness. If you hire me, you will have a highly motivated specialist at your side who will support your projects with full dedication and implement them in good time

Note: I mostly work from project to project. However, that does not mean that I will leave you alone with your plans after the completion of your project! With me you can also get long-term support if you wish. Contact me and we will discuss together how your projects can be implemented and looked after in the best possible way!