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Rapid prototyping

Prototype development using a 3D printer

Prototypes from the 3D printer?

In addition to my range of services, I now also offer 3D printing of prototypes using the FDM process.

After the model has been created in the CAD program, it is then converted into a format (GCODE) that can be read by the 3D printer using slicer software. This code contains model-specific instructions for the 3D printer, which builds the component layer by layer.

With the help of the printed object, the functionality and design can be tested and, if necessary, optimized in the early development phases.
Components up to a size of 220 x 220 x 250 mm can be printed. In addition to prototypes, it is also possible to print individual parts or small series. The FDM method is used here. In fused deposition modeling, the plastic is first heated in the extruder of the 3D printer and brought to a liquid state. The viscous mass is then applied to a construction platform via a nozzle along the geometries defined by CAD. The workpiece is created layer by layer.

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Rapid prototyping
From the idea to the model